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90 Ball Bingo

With 90 Bingo balls in use on this version of Bingo you will find plenty of entertainment value available and due to the sheer number of Bingo ball in use you will find much larger jackpots available in 90 ball Bingo games.

Bingo cards purchased in the game of 90 ball Bingo will have 15 numbers printed on the, these are in three rows across the card and you will be awarded a prize if you are the first Bingo player to get a line across, then two lines across and finally a full house which is when you manager to mark off all the numbers on your Bingo card.

There will often be a progressive type of jackpot associated with 90 ball Bingo, and how this works is that the Bingo hall you are playing in will award a jackpot if you manage to call house (cross off all numbers on your Bingo card) in a certain number of Bingo ball called, if no one manages to do this then the jackpot rises and rolls over to the next game.

This means this progressive jackpot can and does keep rising until one lucky player does indeed manages to call house in the allocated number of Bingo balls called.

When playing 90 ball Bingo online the price of the Bingo cards will vary from Bingo site to Bingo sites and can often be as low as 1 cent per card, so you will never break your bank playing it!

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