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As the Bingo balls are called out, one by one, the Bingo caller will shout out the numbers called, in an age old tradition he or she will also allocate some or all of these numbers a special nick name, know as the Bingo ball names.

To help you get your head around each of these Bingo ball nick names, below you will find the Bingo ball name allocated and used when calling each number out on a game of Bingo

1. Kelly's Eye. 2. One Little Duck. 3.Cup of Tea. 4. Knock at the Door.
5. Man Alive. 6. Tom's Tricks. 7. It's Lucky Seven. 8. Garden Gate.
9. Doctors Orders. 10. Gordons Den. 11. Legs Eleven. 12. One Dozen.
13. Unlucky 4 Some. 14. Valentines. 15. Young and Keen. 16. Sweet Sixteen.
17. Dancing Queen. 18. Coming of Age. 19. Goodbye Teens. 20. One Score.
21. Key of the Door. 22. Two Little Ducks. 23. Thee and Me. 24. Two Dozen.
25. Duck and Dive. 26. Pick and Mix. 27. Gateway to Heaven. 28. Over Weight.
29. Rise and Shine. 30. Dirty Girty. 31. Get up and Run. 32. Buckle my Shoe.
33. Dirty Knee. 34. Ask for More. 35. Jump and Jive. 36. Three Dozen.
37. More than Eleven. 38. Christmas Cake. 39. Steps. 40. Naughty Forty.
41. Time for Fun. 42. Winnie the Pooh. 43. On your Knees. 44. Droopy Drawers.
45. Halfway there. 46. Up to Tricks. 47. Four and Seven. 48. Four Dozen.
49. P.C. 50. Half a Century. 51. Tweak of the Thumb. 52. Danny La Rue.
53. Stuck in a Tree. 54. Clean Floor. 55. Snakes Alive. 56. Was She worth it?
57. Heinz Varieties. 58. Make them Wait. 59. Brighton Line. 60. Five Dozen.
61. Baker's Bun. 62. Turn on the Screw. 63. Tickle Me. 64. Red Raw.
65. Old Age Pension. 66. Clickety Click. 67. Made in Heaven. 68. Saving Grace.
69. Any Way Up. 70. 3 Score and Ten. 71. Bang on the Drum. 72. Six Dozen.
73. Queen Bee. 74. Candy Store. 75. Strive and Strive.

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