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How To Play Bingo

If you have never played Bingo online before then allow us to show you all there is to know on how to play Bingo, and as you will soon discover there isn't anything to be afraid of and in no time at all you will be online and playing.

You first need to decide whether you want to play at a download Bingo site or a Instant play Bingo site, the former requires you to download a Bingo site onto your computer and the latter offers players the ability to playing via flash technology with no software to download.

Once you have chosen with variant you wish to download then you now need to decide on how you wish to make a deposit into your chosen Bingo site, there are several safe and secure methods for doing this and these can be found in our section that covers Bingo deposit options.

Once you have made your deposit you are now good to go, and once you log into the Bingo software you will discover a menu which lists all the different Bingo rooms that are available at that site, these offer different Bingo card prices and payouts, so try and choose one that won't break the bank!

Once you have entered the Bingo room you will then simply need to purchase your Bingo cards for the next game, simply choose how many you wish to play and click buy. Your cards will then be ready for you once the next game commences.

Once the Bingo game starts the Bingo caller will shout out one number at a time, and the Bingo software will mark these off on each card for you, and also list your Bingo cards in order of numbers left to win on that game.

Should you get a winning Bingo card then the software will automatically call house for you and your winnings will be credited to your account once that particular game finishes. There you go that's all you need to know on how to play Bingo online, why not give it a try.

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